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Aerial Photography & Videography Services

Real Estate

A bird's eye view can allow prospective buyers to appreciate the size and scope of a building and the surrounding landscape, which will draw their interest and encourage them to view the property in person.


See your projects from a new perspective during the design phase and throughout the construction as well. Get views of the finished product with views that aren't possible with a regular camera.

Building Inspections

Put your safety first while saving valuable time and money when you use our aerial services for exterior building inspections. We can service both residential and commercial properties.


Photographs and video taken with traditional cameras may only catch limited parts of the action. Using aerial photography and videography for events gives your audience a spectacular view of the action and scale of your event.

Know Who You Are Hiring
FAA Certified & Fully Insured

Did you know that any aerial photography or videography taken with the intent of commercial use must be done by a certified drone pilot?  It’s important to make sure that the company you hire is compliant with today’s FAA laws and regulations.  At SkyScout Media we have you covered!

SkyScout Media Certification

We Use The Latest technology

At SkyScout Media we only use the newest equipment that features the most cutting edge technology and safety features on the market today! 

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